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Crystal Vibrations & Healing

Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite Freeform

Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite Freeform

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Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite (aka Pink Opal Calcite or Manganoan Calcite) offers calming energy. Its blend of pink calcite & smoky quartz gives it unique look and attributes, plus metaphysical & spiritual benefits.

1. Emotional Healing: Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite is believed to heal past emotional wounds and foster self-love, forgiveness, and compassion.

2. Unconditional Love: Radiates gentle, nurturing energy, aiding the opening & healing of the heart chakra. Enhancing love, compassion & empathy, it promotes unconditional giving & receiving of love.

3. Calming and Soothing: Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite brings peace, tranquility and relaxation, easing stress, anxiety, and emotional tension.

4. Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth: Encourages self-acceptance, boosts self-worth and builds confidence, aiding a positive self-image.

5. Heart Chakra Activation: Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite balances and activates the heart chakra, promoting love and emotional healing.

6. Spiritual Connection: Smoky Pink Mangano Calcite believed to enhance spiritual growth, connect to higher realms, and aid communication with spirit guides and angels, for a better self-understanding of the



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