The Creator of Orgone

The Creator of Orgone

Imagine if all living things held an energetic life force, from the birds that swoop above your head to the grass beneath your feet. Imagine if that life force could be found in every single cell both in and out the body and that this life force could be harnessed and used in ways that could better your life. The ancient ones would have called it Chi, but it is also known as Orgone Energy.

While it may sound like something plucked straight from the pages of a science fiction novel, Orgone Energy has long been a thing of curiosity for many of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century. First discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich an Austrian scientist born in the alpine lands in 1897. A student of Sigmund Freud, Reich published many books on psychology including specific topics like anxiety and neurosis. Ever fascinated with the mind, Wilhelm Reich turned his attention to bioelectricity and cosmology and spent much of the 1930s in New York immersed in tests with airborne organisms. In these organisms, he discovered a particle that he named Orgone. As his experiments continued, he began to compose devices around Orgone Energy that he believed could lead to healing.

Reich was heavily invested in the idea and research that Orgone Energy and manipulation could heal all kinds of problems – not just the physical sensations that humans suffer over their lives, but also on a larger more collective level. Reich understood that the world is full of pain and problems and dead energy that can build up toxicity in our own energy and the environments we inhabit. His idea was to create something that could shift that energy and turn negative forces into something fuller and finer for the greater good.

The American Government and the FDA were far from fans of the work Reich was doing. In fact, the scientist was repeatedly told to desist on his research and even sent to jail several times for persevering with his discoveries and stood accused of touting false cures. The word ‘orgone’ was attempted to be wiped from history, with all kinds of literature and research destroyed. In his later years, Reich was labelled a quack by the FDA and those in government. It was hoped that the idea of Orgone Energy would die with him. But it didn’t. The idea had made too much of a splash and the fascination continued. Many minds turned their attention to it, and it was picked up by James Demero who founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Library.

How it Works

Reich was actually able to demonstrate that Orgone radiation shared similar energy to the rays of the sun. He carefully cultured SAPA bions of Orgone Energy as part of his research. He would place cancer cells next to these Orgone bions and they would die. Thus, Reich's research applied the theory that somehow Orgone could be responsible for helping humans combat sickness and other ailments – not only in the physical body but also in the mind.

Reich's work led him to believe that energy could be blocked by trauma and stored in the body – notably in the tissues of muscles which in turn would lead to locked-in tension. He referred to this as the body ‘Armouring’. The energy would become stagnant and heavy and it would turn into what the scientist called Deadly Orgone Energy. This stagnant zero-point energy was said to be responsible for all kinds of chaos and negative energy sucking the good out of the world. If you think of the energy like a stagnant pond, we all know that dead water can become a difficult and toxic environment where life fails to thrive. Whereas water that is flowing and full of movement beautifully encourages all kinds of life and vitality to bloom. This can be similar when talking about dead stagnant energy and Dr Reich was interested in finding ways to get that energy moving again. He believed that all kinds of trauma imprinted itself on place and person. Whether it’s a bad memory or an act of violence, the EMFs from technology, or anything that builds blockages in the body and the mind. This adds to the ‘armour’ in the body and it prevents the beauty of creativity, love, and positive intention to flow through.

In individuals, this DOR (deadly orgone energy) can be responsible for physical and emotional turbulence and degeneration in the body. Yet, the damage caused by DOR surpasses our human makeup and it can even lead to environmental damage and decay on earth. After coming to this hypothesis about the damaging effects of dead energy, Dr Reich decided to create Orgone Energy Accumulators that he believed had the power and potency to transform any Dead Orgone Energy into Positive Orgone Energy.

What is Orgonite?

The Orgone Energy Accumulator was a wooden cupboard lined with metal, cotton, and steel wool. Reich believed that the organic materials layered within the box would absorb Orgone Energy and hold it there (similar to how a greenhouse works with heat). Creatives and artists were smitten by the idea of the Orgone Accumulator and even the likes of Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, and Norman Mailer were keen to climb inside to up their ‘orgiastic potency’.

The other invention, the Cloudbuster was more geared towards discoveries of the environment and Orgone Energy. He knew that the presence of energy in the world had an impact on the atmosphere and that also fed into cloud formation. Reich believed that clouds and moisture and energy all had a direct impact on our climate and in his efforts to harness that energy, he invented the Cloudbuster. Like a vacuum cleaner, the Cloudbuster was pointed towards a sky that was fat and full of clouds. The energy that is holding the clouds together (often water) is dissipated and the cloud becomes no more. James DeMeo picked up this work in the 1970s using an Orgone Chamber and his research confirmed the theory behind Reich’s initial work.

Now we come to Orgonite, the modern-day magic that is believed to harness all that important Orgone Energy. Orgonite is a mixture of quartz crystals and metal shavings in resin. The makeup of which can transmute Deadly Orgone Energy into something more positive. Often modern-day Orgonite devices contain healing crystals to up their power and can be formed in shapes that use sacred geometry like pyramids, etc that pay homage to the ancient world and give a nod to our worldly ancestors who would have already been well versed in Orgone but may have called it by another name – such as life energy, life force, Prana or Chi.











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