Colección: ORGONITE

What is Orgonite and what does it do?
What is Orgonite? Orgonite is a blend of resin, metal, and quartz crystal. This simple mixture generates positive bio-energy. And balances and harmonizes negative energies. Many people use orgonite for protection, wellbeing, and healing. It is a powerful tool that creates a balanced and positively energy-charged environment. The Orgonite Invention

11 healing properties and benefits of orgonite (orgone energy), some of them promote spiritual growth, some of them are more physical. This really varies from individual to individual: 

  1. Orgonite is an efficient ‘cleaner’ of stagnant and negative energies. 
  2. People using Orgonite feel more energized that, in some, manifests as a tingling or warm sensation.
  3. It is a godsend for those suffering from mood swings since Orgonite works towards mental calmness and balances moods.
  4. Deepen meditation
  5. Boost plant growth (life force energy)
  6. Remove negative energy in a specific place 
  7. Strengthen intentions and visualizations 
  8. Better sleep and vivid dreams 
  9. More energy 
  10. Balanced moods
  11.  decreased sensitivity to EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies or EMF Radiation)