7 Crystals to take care of your emotional well being in 2022

7 Crystals to take care of your emotional well being in 2022

The clock has announced the arrival of a new year, i.e., 2022 in our lives. And during the year, we need to hold our nerves and emotions tight and must not react to any situation in haste, and rather be responsible for words and actions we undertake during the year. Yet, anger is a problem that has a long-term effect on an individual and creates irreparable damage. Anger catalyses stress, which may set off a chain reaction that influences one's whole physical and emotional well-being.

However, the wonderful world of crystals that nature has bestowed upon us offers intriguing ways to use these gems for healing. Read on to discover 7 crystals that celebrated Astro numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar reveals can help you manage your anger effectively and learn how to use them to constructively use the energy of anger.

How crystals can be used

The usage of crystals is easy and simple. The best and safest way to reap the benefits of these crystals is to place them in a copper or glass bowl in our home. Alternatively, these can be worn in the form of a bracelet. However, before you wear them on your hand, it's absolutely essential to get them validated from your date of birth and name.

how to use crystals

1.     Carnelian

Carnelian is one of the ideal crystals for annoyance because it soothes uncontrollable rage. Carnelian, as a balancing stone, aids in the removal of negativity and the replacement of it with a zest for life. This beautiful gem is great for reducing stress and anger, as well as boosting fertility and stimulating sexuality. Indeed, this strong gem eliminates bad emotions like jealousy, wrath, and hatred against others.

Carnelian is very beneficial for resolving conflicts since it promotes inventiveness and boldness.

2.     Bloodstone

One of the greatest crystals for rage is bloodstone. It calms you down, providing you with the opportunity to find out what is really bothering you and then deal with it. This very potent stone clears the mind of ambiguity and aggression. This implies you'll be able to relax and make rational judgments. Bloodstone is a soothing stone that may also be used to alleviate restlessness.

Wear Bloodstone if you're feeling irritated and want to be surrounded by grounding and soothing energies all through the day.

3.     Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another excellent stone for anger since it has a strong link to the throat chakra. It's a tranquil stone with calming energy radiating from it.

Highly sensitive individuals may find it difficult to control their temper. The upshot is often abrasiveness and abusive language. Aquamarine aids in the release of anger and the overcoming of judgmentalism by lowering tension and anxiety.

Because of its connection to the throat chakra, aquamarine is an excellent crystal for encouraging self-expression. It's also excellent for calming anxiety. If you're easily irritated, try meditating with Aquamarine. It will help you to relax and open your intuition.

aquamarine crystal healing

4.     Howlite

One of the most effective methods to lessen anger is to soothe your mind, and here is where Howlite's energy shines.

This stone instils patience in you, as well as removing anger and aggression. This implies that rather than uttering something you'll eventually regret, you may loosen your muscles, take a long breath, and gather your thoughts.

Howlite also promotes emotional expressiveness, making it easier to talk from the heart rather than the brain. This stone also promotes peaceful conversation by urging you to hear what the other person has to say.

5.     Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, often known as the crystal of consciousness, assists you in controlling your rage and remaining cool during a fight.

Lapis Lazuli is a fast-acting stone that relieves tension and brings inner serenity to those who wear it. Carry Lapis Lazuli to enhance empathy and stimulate impartiality if you tend to lose your cool. In addition, should you need to face someone or express your truth, this lovely blue stone may help.

Lapis Lazuli heals the throat chakra, allowing you to communicate your sentiments and emotions politely and courteously.

6.     Kyanite

Kyanite, another high-vibration heart chakra stone, helps to alleviate anger by offering compassion and love, as well as promoting mental clarity.

Kyanite may help you break through the chaos and reach the true meaning underlying your irritation following a heated conversation. It makes you feel more grounded while also wiping away anger and directing you to a conclusion.    

kyanite crystal healing

7.     Citrine

Citrine's feel-good energy ensures that you practice letting go of weight and rather embrace the brightness of certainty and happiness. It also stimulates the solar plexus, causing us to attract joy rather than hatred.

Harness the energy of these crystals in the year 2022 and enable each one of us in taking care of our emotional well-being.

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